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Marlow Buckinghamshire – Walnut Wine Room

  • Capacity: Up to 916 bottles
  • Size: 2.8m wide x 2.6m deep x 2.4m high
  • Materials: Black Walnut
  • Service hotline:182 1818 8874
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Up to 916 bottles

2.8m wide x 2.6m deep x 2.4m high

Clients John and Lynsey had initially considered situating their wine room in a converted section of the garage. After we met and discussed the options, it was decided instead to add the wine cellar as a small extension to John’s office. The wine cellar and the office have been designed to flow together, with a door that allows access from one room to the other. A display window enables the wine room to be viewed from the dining area.

The wine racking is black walnut with an acrylic bottle-display system. Integral acrylic rods in the dining room’s viewing window, along with built-in lighting, further enhance the display. 24-bottle case-racks, solid display scallops and a display area on the back wall provide a range of storage, making the most of the space.

The entrance door and office area are constructed in complementary black walnut. In the office are integral drawers, storage cabinets and a bespoke whisky/spirit cabinet, complete with a section for books. The wood throughout has been oiled twice with a specialist oil to give a rich, dark look. Lighting is controlled by a combination of sensors and switches.

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